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Astroturf by Pierce

Pierce Landscaping is proud to offer Astroturf and synthetic grass services to our clients. We're able to handle all aspects of supply, installation and maintenance. Many clients in Wellington opt for synthetic grass due to a lack of backyard sun, which can result in their lawn becoming a mess of mud and moss. Synthetic are ideal in these situations, as they require no water or sun. 

Pierce Landscaping Astroturf Offers:

Astroturf and other synthetic lawn products lack nasty chemicals which could trigger allergies. People and animals alike are free to roll around on astroturf, risk free.

The most popular benefit of astroturf and synthetic lawns is the lack of maintenance. They don’t need to be mowed, watered or weeded.

Astroturf products used by Pierce Landscaping are resistant to animal urine and other animal by-products. We’re careful to secure the edges of our synthetic lawns to ensure that they can’t be dug up by pets.

Astroturf and synthetic lawns installed by Pierce Landscaping can be set in places where traditional lawns would have issues. Slopes, banks and walls are popular settings.

Landscaping Wellington Astroturf Before and After
Landscaping Wellington Astroturf Pool Installation

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