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Garden Maintenance by Pierce

Pierce Landscaping is proud to offer garden maintenance services to our clients. We're able to handle all aspects of garden maintenance, with a special focus on garden aesthetics. As a part of the Pierce Experience, we employ reactive and proactive garden health measures.  All services can be scheduled for either a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or bi-monthly visit.

Pierce Landscaping Offers:

Greenery management includes everything from weeding, trimming and mowing, to cultivating and edging. 

We’re able to apply chemical sprays to areas impacted by unwanted intruders. Typically, Wellington Moss, pests and plant diseases can be managed through chemical sprays.

Just like humans, plants require attention, care and nutrients to develop. We’re able to apply fertilisers to aid the growth of your plants.

As a part of regular garden waste maintenance, it’s not uncommon for green waste to pile up. Using our trucks, we’re happy to dispose of it, and pay any applicable dumping fees.

If you’re looking for a service such as a one-off clean up,  mulching, or annual/seasonal planting, we’re happy to oblige. Feel free to reach out and we’ll get it handled.

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