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Founded in 2017, Pierce Landscaping is a landscaping Wellington service provider. We bring a fresh approach to the time-honored tradition of landscaping. We’re fresh in the sense that we take a customer-first process throughout the entire project. We use the latest landscaping tools & technology, and we follow a functional, design led process.

Pierce Landscaping was born from the frustration of dealing with unreliable tradies (or cowboys, as some would describe them). Before we arrived on the scene, it wasn’t uncommon to call 10 different firms, and never receive a call back! One story from an early client of ours told a tale a two week delay before a quote for a retaining wall could be given. It wouldn’t have taken much longer for him to build the wall himself!

With our dedicated team of 15, we’re able to help you with all of your Wellington based landscaping needs. Want to know more? 

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